2014 Florida History Fair Winners Announced

Each year since 1988 the Museum of Florida History sponsors the Florida History Fair.  Students in grades 6-12 researched the given theme, using both primary and secondary sources and presented their findings in a variety of ways, including written papers, exhibits, performances, or even websites.  This year’s theme was “Rights and Responsibilities in History”, a topic that was open to interpretation by entrants.  Students were free to focus on areas that interested them, such as politics, science, the arts, etc.

Several teachers were also singled out for honors.  Click here to read our story about these great teachers.

Meanwhile, here are the students that came in first place in their respective categories:


  • Junior Historical Paper
    • Sara Buchanan
    • Gideon v. Wainwright: The Right to Counsel
    • Bellview Middle School
    • Teacher: Tina Witbracht
  • Senior Historical Paper
    • Jared Hirschfeld
    • Israeli Palestinian Diplomacy: UN Resolution 242
    • Shorecrest Preparatory School
    • Teacher: Ronald Heller
  • Junior Individual Documentary
    • Langston Oliver
    • Turning the Tide: The owed of Kids in the Civil Rights Movement
    • Lavilla School of the Arts
    • Teacher: Brian Topping
  • Junior Group Documentary
    • Josh Ciarlariello, Evan Bouck, Joshua Macri
    • The Atomic Responsibility
    • Community Christian School (Leon)
    • Teacher: Matt ROot
  • Senior Individual Documentary
    • Madeline Bookout
    • An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Responsible Politics
      and the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • Gulf Breeze High School
    • Teacher: Grace Freeman
  • Senior Group Documentary
    • Hannah Schelle, Cristina Teems
    • Our Rights and Responsibilities: Exploring Civil Disobedience 
    • American Heritage School Boca Delray
    • Teachers: Kristy Mangone, Cindy Glover
  • Junior Individual Performance
    • Cloe Whipple
    • Tea, Textiles, and Tyranny: The British East India Company
    • Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School
    • Teachers: Laura Gibson, Joshua Roberson
  • Junior Group Performance
    • Justin Diaz, Nicholas Albiza, Avery Tallman
    • The Tale of Richard the Tricky and the Leak that Would not Keep
    • All Angels Academy
    • Teacher: Terry Davila-Alexander
  • Senior Individual Performance
    • Amos Jackson III
    • 8 Days of Praying & Thinking: Letter From a Birmingham Jail
    • American Heritage School Boca Delray
    • Teacher: Cindy Glover
  • Senior Group Performance
    • Elliott Riches, Zach Weisberg
    • Pitts and Lee v. Florida: How One Reporter Fought for Others’ Rights
    • American Heritage School Plantation
    • Teacher: Leslie Porges
  • Junior Individual Exhibit
    • Jacob Ferris
    • Poverty To Sovereignty
    • Gulf Breeze Middle School (Santa Rosa)
    • Teacher: Grace Freeman
  • Junior Group Exhibit
    • Cali Cortelli, Logan Roberts
    • Lewis Hine: Child Labor
    • American Heritage School Plantation (Broward)
    • Teacher: Leslie Porges
  • Senior Individual Exhibit
    • Holly Gorton
    • Pullman Porters Pave the Way for Civil Rights
    • Pensacola High School (Escambia)
    • Teacher: Wm. Blevins Rose
  • Senior Group Exhibit
    • Sujaya Rajguru, Samantha Kunin, Ashley Mathew
    • The First Ms. with the Right to an M.D.: Elizabeth Blackwell
    • International Baccalaureate School at Bartow High School (Polk)
    • Teacher: Ted Wright
  • Junior Individual Web Site
    • Sophie Aguilar
    • American Military Women of World War II
    • Chiles Middle School (Seminole)
    • Teacher: Jennifer Capp
  • Junior Group Web Site
    • Andrew Kolondra, Kishan Patel
    • Freedom Beach: A History of the Fort Lauderdale Beach Wade-Ins
    • American Heritage School Plantation (Broward)
    • Teacher: Leslie Porges
  • Senior Individual Web Site
    • Amy Paskiewicz
    • Korematsu v. United States:
      Fighting for Rights, Facing 
    • Palm Harbor University High School (Pinellas)
    • Teachers: Jason Tsardoulias, Shaun Falcon
  • Senior Group Web Site
    • Drew Anderson, Sarah Fuller
    • Photography with a Purpose:
      Lewis Hine and the Fight Against Child Labor
    • Pensacola Catholic High School (Escambia)
    • Teacher: Eric Nelson

For a comprehensive list of winners, including those that placed second and third, click here.

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