$50,000 to be Split Between Teacher & School

Mr. Rosbel Peña, a math teacher at Alton Memorial Jr. High School (Alton, TX) has been awarded the 2014 H-E-B Excellence in Education Award in the Lifetime Achievement category.  As such, he gets to pocket $25,000 while his school will collect an additional $25,000.

Elementary teacher, Connie Bagley, of Crockett Elementary (San Marcos, TX) also won a Lifetime Achievement award.  She will receive $25,000, while her school gets another $25,000.

H-E-B actually gives out several awards. Two teachers (one elementary and one secondary) win in each category.  Those teachers with less than 10 years of classroom experience are eligible to win the “Rising Star Award”, which comes with a cash prize of $10,000 to be split between the teacher and his/her school.  The “Leadership” award, is for teachers with 10-20 years of experience, and comes with $20,000 to be split.  Meanwhile, the “Lifetime Achievement” award, like the one Mr. Peña won, is for those veteran teachers with more than 20 years in the classroom.  The Lifetime award includes $50,000 to be shared.

H-E-B started out as a small Texas grocery store and has grown into one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, with more than 300 stores across Texas and northern Mexico.  H-E-B claims that their award is the largest monetary recognition program for teachers in Texas and is also one of the largest in the nation.

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