Students Become Millionaires (sort of)

For the past three years, Hemlock Elementary School, in Fontana, CA, has encouraged their students to read at least a million words.

Students must past a computerized test when they finish reading a book. After passing the test, the number of words in that book are added to an on-going tally. The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that, as of May 19th, nine students have met the challenge. They are:

  1. Valerie Villanueva
  2. Jackson Randle
  3. Victor Lee
  4. Isaiah Duran
  5. Andrew Huang
  6. Nnaemeka Okonkwo
  7. Jeremiah Johnson
  8. Fred Tran
  9. Damien Amaya

Teacher, Hank Rager, told the paper that the program is working well.  He says, “We want them to get into the habit of reading, but we also want them to enjoy reading.”

Hemlock Elementary School is a part of the Fontana Unified School District, whose mission is to “graduate all students prepared to succeed in a changing world.”

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